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Massage therapy and Nutritional Therapy are both available at Greystones Chiropractic Clinic with Karen Coffey. Karen provides a variety of soft tissue techniques tailored to suit your individual needs.
Karen Coffey B.Sc, Dip.NT is a Greystones-based Physical Therapist and Nutritional Therapist.  Karen is a keen runner and hiker, and is currently a member of Kilcoole A.C. and the Delgany Trail Running Club.  She was also a member of the Corsso-country/ hiking club – Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), when she lived in Northern Italy for 6 years.
Karen was the Captain for her High School Cross-Country and Track in Connecticut, USA, and then became Captain of The Athletic Club at UCD, where she competed in cross-country and 10,000 metres. She has also run 4 marathons.
Karen grew up in Ireland, Holland, and the USA, and has also lived in 3 other countries in her adulthood.  Karen speaks 3 fluent languages and has a B.A. Degree from UCD in German and Italian. Karen has been using her languages in her walking group tours around Wicklow and the Dublin area for an adult language school (DLTC).
Karen has had a passion for health and well-being from a young age, when she first started running in high school and working in her 20’s in a health food shop (Alfalfa’s) in Boulder, Colorado. Karen has kept her love in this area and currently works in Nature’s Gold for 2 days a week.