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Dr Jeff Taylor (Chiropractor)

I was injured while wrestling and had my first visit with a local chiropractor while I was in high school in America.

Greystones Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Taylor

Dr. Jeff Taylor (Chiropractor)

This visit really opened my eyes to a world of healing without drugs and spurred on my pursuit of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. In 1982 I was accepted into Palmer College of Chiropractic (PCC), the first and oldest chiropractic college in the world. I was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship playing rugby.

Background in Sports

My background in sports, as well as receiving my fair share of sports injuries, is one of the reasons I work with many patients with extremity problems like shoulder, wrist, knee/ankle sprains as well as back and neck injuries. I continue to play rugby with the ‘Seasoned Veterans’ as well as provide assistance on the pitch with the team.

Memberships & Training

I am a member of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland as well as the European Chiropractic Union. I am board qualified as a Diplomat in Chiropractic Neurology and have attended thousands of hours of training in sports injury rehabilitation and holistic care. I use a variety of techniques including manual manipulation therapy (hands on), gentle mobilization as well as being proficient in Total Body Modification (TBM) and Applied Kinesiology (AK). All treatment programmes I provide are individualized to each patient in order to assist in your specific health care goals.

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